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Orchestrating People with Technology...

PIANO is a computer conference table that has a powerful effect on people. The shape not only projects a progressive image, it influences group dynamics. The arrangement empowers the presenter and seats all to promote non-confrontational, collaborative body language. The experience is positive for everyone. It is amazing to see how freely communication between people flows when the tone for the meeting is at a high level and each has a comfort zone to contribute.

This Piano Sonata 18 Conference Table is installed at eMoney Advisor near Philadelphia. It is used for executive level training, think tanks, and teleconferencing. The Piano lids are raised for dramatic effect. The monitors and keyboards are connected to laptops, stored in the center well. The lids provide easy IT access.


Even with LCDs deployed, the Piano Computer Conference Table has unobstructed lines of sight. The flipIT-18 LCD supports present the flat screens at a semi-recessed position so they are easy to see, but the participants are easy to be seen—by each other and teleconference cameras.



The PIANO lid is raised to full-stick with pneumatic assist for ease of access to wire management and equipment in the center well. When the table is in use, the wire access lid serves as the ideal platform for projector, document camera and other equipment. Extremely laptop friendly, too! Push-mount wire clip system allows fast, neat installation. Bayonet snaps lock into chassis holes and can be released and reused. Perforated chassis provides complete, natural ventilation for installed components. Multi-level racks are hinged for easy access.

The wedge shape and the low profile of the semi-recessed LCD displays insure that everyone seated maintains an unobstructed line-of-sight to each other and to screened presentations. Its proportions allow it to fit most existing conference rooms.

The diamond shape is two wedges, back to back, making a Piano Duet; the Piano Solo is a single wedge. The sides are non-confrontational and the ends are natural presenter positions.

Both shapes work well with cameras for telepresence applications. The flipIT® stations present screens at a low profile so cameras can see faces and people can see screens.

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