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Equator Conference Tables by Smart Desk



Computer Conference Table

for Telepresence, Teleconferencing, Distance Learning and Collaboration

Equator™ is a computer conference table that places people around an issue. The shape is a geometric translation of the checks and balances system: three equal sides, each empowered, yet dependant on each other for greatest strength.

For Telepresence, place the HD display on one side, and easily fit up to 6 people comfortably on the other two sides. This shape permits more people to participate with a basic one-camera, one-screen setup.


The flipIT® Laptop Safe presents full access to the laptop in use and neatly locks it away for unattended security. Laptop may remain connected to power and data when locked.
This computer table features flipIT® configured for a board of review or moderator with two sides in arbitration. By placement of computers for different contingencies, individual flipIT® stations can empower a presenter, balance the three sides, or permit presentations in the round.
Push-mount wire clip system allows fast, neat installation. Bayonet snaps lock into chassis holes and can be released and reused. Perforated chassis provides complete, natural ventilation for installed components. Multi-level racks are hinged for easy access.
The Equator™ wings are raised with pneumatic assist for ease of access to wire management and equipment in the center well. When the table is in use, the wire access hatches serve as the ideal platform for projector, document camera and other equipment. Extremely laptop friendly, too!
The equilateral triangular shape and the low profile of the semi-recessed LCD displays insure that everyone seated maintains an unobstructed line-of-sight to each other and to screened presentations. Its proportions allow it to fit most existing conference rooms.

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